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What a year!

My dear friends and customers ☺️✨

It was a great and busy year for Balanina Photography and all this wouldn't happen without your support and trust in me guys. so big thank to you all! 🙏😄👍

Now it is time to have some relaxed days and recharge to be ready for upcoming opportunities. That's my plan anyway :) 🤩🥳🧘‍♀️🥂 and yours?

Have a very merry Christmas and successful New Year!

P.S. this new still-life work from my new series "Green" will be very soon available as Limited edition Fine-art print. Stay tuned! ;) more of my still-life work to find here on my site

P.S.2. From now on I'm on Holidays till January 6th 2019. Sinds then we can book your next portrait or family shoot again! ;)

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