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My name is Natalia, I'm portrait and fine-art photographer  living in Leeuwarden (the Netherlands) since 2010 but originally I'm from Russia. In my previous life (haha!) when I lived in Moscow I used to work as an editor on MSN.ru (Microsoft). At that time (2009-2010) photography was my hobby. 

In my first year living here in Netherlands I understood that it is photography what I actually really love to do. So I decided continue develop myself in it. 

I believe that as a photographer you learn the most and the best in the process, practicing and trying very new things. This way I went through these years being inspired by work of other photographers and artists and then trying to work it out for myself.


Portraits and reportages are my specialisations. You can see it here on my site. Looking for a great picture of yourself or your family - you are at the right place! And by the way I have a cozy studio here in Leeuwarden right behind the Neushoorn. Of course photoshoot outside or on location is always possible! (if it isn't rain too much ;)

Well there is one more thing - the still-life. It is my passion. Dutch masters are my inspiration, window light of my studio is my instrument. I find it relaxing and pleasure to my eyes.

I'm curious if you guys like my work! Let me know!

If you want me to make beautiful photos for you please contact me via e-mail info@balanina.nl, telephone +316 2432 6969 or use this form below.


Thank you for visiting my site!

Do you have a question, comment, would like to have a shoot with me? Send e message via a from below! 

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